The Big Bash League 2023-2024 Schedule: Exciting Cricket Action


Cricket fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the start of the Big Bash League (BBL) 2023-2024 season. This highly anticipated tournament features thrilling matches between some of the best cricket teams in Australia. The schedule for the upcoming season has been announced, and fans are gearing up to witness the excitement and adrenaline of this popular T20 competition. In this article, we will provide you with all the details about the Big Bash League 2023-2024 Schedule, including match venues and teams.

The Big Bash League 2023-2024 Schedule

The BBL 2023-2024 season is packed with exciting matches that will keep cricket enthusiasts entertained throughout. Here is a comprehensive schedule of the upcoming matches:

Thu, Dec 706:15 PMThe GabbaHEA vs STA
Fri, Dec 807:15 PMSCGSIX vs REN
Sat, Dec 906:45 PMAdelaide OvalSTR vs HEA
Sun, Dec 1007:15 PMGMHBA StadiumREN vs SCO
Mon, Dec 1107:15 PMUniversity of TasmaniaHUR vs SIX
Tue, Dec 1207:15 PMManuka OvalTHU vs HEA
Wed, Dec 1307:15 PMMCGSTA vs SCO
Tue, Dec 1906:45 PMAdelaide OvalSTR vs THU
Wed, Dec 2004:15 PMOptus StadiumSCO vs HUR
Thu, Dec 2107:15 PMMarvel StadiumREN vs HEA
Fri, Dec 2207:15 PMSCGSIX vs STR
Sat, Dec 2303:30 PMLavington Sports GroundSTA vs THU
Sat, Dec 2307:15 PMBlundstone ArenaHUR vs REN
Tue, Dec 2606:05 PMSCGSIX vs STA
Tue, Dec 2606:15 PMOptus StadiumSCO vs REN
Wed, Dec 2706:15 PMThe GabbaHEA vs THU
Thu, Dec 2807:15 PMBlundstone ArenaHUR vs STA
Fri, Dec 2907:15 PMMarvel StadiumREN vs STR
Sat, Dec 3007:15 PMSydney ShowgroundTHU vs SIX
Sun, Dec 3106:45 PMAdelaide OvalSTR vs STA
Mon, Jan 104:00 PMBlundstone ArenaHUR vs THU
Mon, Jan 106:15 PMThe GabbaHEA vs SIX
Tue, Jan 207:15 PMDateTime
Tue, Jan 207:15 PMMCGSTA vs REN
Wed, Jan 306:05 PMC.ex Coffs StadiumSIX vs HEA
Wed, Jan 306:15 PMOptus StadiumSCO vs STR
Thu, Jan 407:15 PMMarvel StadiumREN vs HUR
Fri, Jan 506:45 PMAdelaide OvalSTR vs SCO
Sat, Jan 607:15 PMMCGSTA vs SIX
Sun, Jan 706:15 PMThe GabbaHEA vs HUR
Mon, Jan 807:15 PMSydney ShowgroundTHU vs SCO
Tue, Jan 907:10 PMAdelaide OvalSTR vs HUR
Wed, Jan 1006:40 PMThe GabbaHEA vs SCO
Thu, Jan 1107:15 PMBlundstone ArenaHUR vs STR
Fri, Jan 1207:15 PMSCGSIX vs THU
Sat, Jan 1301:15 PMOptus StadiumSCO vs HEA
Sat, Jan 1307:30 PMMarvel StadiumREN vs STA
Sun, Jan 1407:15 PMManuka OvalTHU vs STR
Mon, Jan 1507:15 PMMCGSTA vs HUR
Tue, Jan 1604:40 PMOptus StadiumSCO vs SIX
Wed, Jan 1707:15 PMSydney ShowgroundTHU vs REN
Fri, Jan 1912:00 AMTBCTBC vs TBC
Sat, Jan 2012:00 AMTBCTBC vs TBC
Mon, Jan 2212:00 AMTBCTBC vs TBC
Wed, Jan 2412:00 AMTBCTBC vs TBC
BBL 2023-2024 Schedule


The Big Bash League 2023-2024 season promises to deliver an action-packed cricket extravaganza for fans worldwide. With its star-studded teams, breathtaking matches, and electric atmosphere, the BBL continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts of all ages. Mark your calendars and get ready to witness thrilling encounters between some of the finest cricketers in the world. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

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