Disagreement on Dissolution of Assemblies and Election Date; PTI Goes to Supreme Court


In a recent development, negotiations between the ruling alliance and Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) regarding the dissolution of the National Assembly, Sindh Assembly, and Balochistan Assembly and the non-agreement on the date of elections on the same day have come to an end. As a result, PTI has decided to go to the Supreme Court to implement the court’s decision on May 14 in Punjab.

During the third round of talks, both parties presented their recommendations and showed flexibility in determining the date of the election. However, they failed to reach an agreement, and PTI announced that they will submit a written report of the negotiations to the Supreme Court.

Speaking to the media after the talks, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar stated that determining the date is a difficult phase, but they hope to get closer in the next session. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, on the other hand, said that the government friends are having difficulty accepting their proposals, and they will request the Supreme Court to hold elections in Punjab on May 14 and to give an early date for elections in KPK as well.

While the parties agreed that elections should be held on the same day across the country under the caretaker government and recognized the election results, they need time to complete the budget, treaty policy, and negotiations with the IMF. PTI has suggested that they are ready to go back to the National Assembly and amend the Constitution to implement the decision of the Supreme Court in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution.

However, PDM could not agree on the date of dissolution of the three assemblies and elections, and PTI has emphasized that the National Assembly, Sindh Assembly, and Balochistan Assembly should be dissolved before May 14. They also requested an environment where the parties have no difficulty in accepting the outcome, and the agreement should be in writing and submitted to the Supreme Court for approval and guarantee of monitoring of implementation.

Overall, while positive progress was made in the talks, PTI has decided to go to the Supreme Court to implement their proposals, and the situation remains uncertain regarding the dissolution of the assemblies and the date of elections.

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