Election Commission Prepares for Timely Elections; Reforms and Preparations Underway


In a recent media briefing, Special Secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan, Zafar Iqbal, revealed crucial details regarding the upcoming elections. He stated that if the assembly is dissolved on August 12, the election will be held before October 11. However, in case the assembly is dissolved before that date, the election will take place within 3 months.

Zafar Iqbal assured the public of their readiness, with all necessary preparations already in motion. The election will be conducted on old constituencies, utilizing watermarked paper to ensure the integrity of the voting process. Furthermore, all institutions are actively collaborating with the Election Commission, and security personnel will be deployed to maintain a secure environment during the elections.

The Election Commission has taken several measures to ensure transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The District Returning Officers (DRO) and Returning Officers (RO) will be referred to the judiciary for oversight. Administrative officers, alongside the Election Commission’s own officers and judicial officers, will work together to carry out the elections in accordance with the new electoral reforms.

During the briefing, Secretary of the Election Commission, Umar Hameed, emphasized the need to address issues related to black money in politics. He highlighted ongoing efforts to improve tax laws and mentioned that the matter of PTI foreign funding is currently under court review.

Masood Sherwani, from the Political Finance Wing, announced the establishment of the Political Finance Management Information System. This system will collect data from relevant regulatory bodies, including NADRA, State Bank, FBR, and SECP. The collected data will help ensure financial transparency in political parties, with assets and finance-related information being made publicly accessible through the website.

In a separate statement, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif clarified that the government’s term will end in August. He also assured MQM Pakistan that no decision has been made yet regarding the use of the old census for the upcoming elections, leaving the matter open for the Election Commission to decide.

As the Election Commission continues its diligent preparations and implements electoral reforms, Pakistan anticipates a fair and transparent election process that upholds the democratic values of the nation.

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