Google Temporarily Suspends Career Paid Apps in Pakistan


Google Temporarily Suspends Career Paid Apps in Pakistan

Google has temporarily suspended carrier-paid apps in the Play Store for Pakistani users over a payment dispute.

It should be noted that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had decided to suspend the direct payment system due to which the payment of 34 million dollars was stopped.

For this reason, Google has now temporarily suspended Carrier Paid Apps in Pakistan.

The Ministry of IT has confirmed the temporary suspension of Career Paid apps by Google.

The IT Ministry informed us that the option to download paid apps from a Smartphone account has been suspended.

According to the statement, Google Play Store currently only has the option to download the app via credit card.

Officials of the IT Ministry said that the Federal Minister has directed to resolve the matter as soon as possible and the matter will be resolved within 2 weeks.

During this period Pakistani users will be forced to download the apps only after paying through a credit card or debit card.

However, it will be possible to download free apps from Google Play, but people using paid apps may face difficulties in using various services.

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