Hattian Bala District Azad Kashmir

Hattian Bala Azad Kashmir is one of 10 districts, Hattian Bala, which is also known as the Hattian Bala District.

The town of Hattian Bala serves as the administrative center for the district. Before the year 2009, the present-day Hattian Bala District was a tehsil that belonged to the Muzaffarabad District.


What is currently the Hattian Bala District Azad Kashmir was a part of the Uri Tehsil of the Baramulla District in Jammu and Kashmir before Azad Kashmir was established in 1947. Before then, this area was a part of Jammu and Kashmir.

After the conclusion of the first conflict between India and Pakistan, the territory of Hattian Bala was incorporated into the Muzaffarabad District, where it stayed till the year 2009. In July 2009, Hattian Bala was elevated to the status of a district under the leadership of Pakistan’s coalition government led by Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan.


The Hattian Bala District Azad Kashmir is bounded on the north and east by the Kupwara District and the Baramulla District of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, on the south by the Bagh District, and on the west by the Muzaffarabad District. The Hattian Bala District has a population of 230,529.


The rural-urban ratio is 90:10. Agriculture, cattle, and forestry provide a means of livelihood for the vast majority of people living in rural areas. It is common for people to work or settle overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, or the Middle East in order to provide for their families who they have left behind.

Plains can be found in the portions of the Hattian Bala Area that are located along the Jehlum River. The Jehlum River enters the district at the LOC point at Chakothi and continues northwest through the Jehlum Valley.

The Hattian Bala District has a significant amount of hydropower potential as a result of its rivers’ rapid currents. The towns of Kathai, Leepa, and Sharian each have their own hydroelectric power station. Leepa, Khalana Chham, Ghail, Saina Daman Chamm, Dhani Shahdarrah, Charoi, Chinari, Jaskool, Chonoian, Bharyan (Lower Chonoian), and Chakar Salmia are some of the valleys that make up the natural environment of the district.


The main languages of the district are Pahari, Gujari and Kashmiri

Administrative divisions

The Hattian Bala District consists of three tehsils


  1. Chikkar Tehsil
  2. Hattian Bala Tehsil
  3. Leepa Tehsil


The district council of Hattian Bala is comprised of a total of 12 union councils, one municipal committee in Hattian, and one town committee in Chikar. The eight union councils from Constituency No. 5 and the four union councils from Constituency No. 6 make up the district council. Hattian, Leepa, and Chikar are the three centers that fall under the jurisdiction of the rural development department.

There are two project managers located at each center, and the administrative officer for rural development is the Assistant Director of LG&RDD Hattian.


The Hattian Bala District is ranked number 28 out of 148 districts in Pakistan when it comes to education, as indicated by the results of the Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2015.

The school comes in at position 112 out of 148 in terms of its amenities and infrastructure. Because there are not many colleges in the district, many of the residents choose to attend either the Allama Iqbal Open University or the AJK University, either at its main campus in Muzaffarabad, at its Neelum campus, or at the recently inaugurated Hattian Bala campus, which has departments for the teaching of the English Language, computer science, and business administration. Leepa Valley and the village of Pahal, which is located close to the LOC, are both well-known in the district for their commitment to education and the high literacy rates they maintain.

Additionally, the area is home to a number of private schools, including the READ Foundation Science College Hattian Bala, the READ Foundation Science College Chenari, and the Smart School Hattian Bala.

Notable Personalities

Raja Farooq Haider Khan belongs to Hattian Bala. From 2016 to 2021, he served as Prime Minister of AJK. In addition to being a Nobel man of Chikar Hattian Bala, his father, Raja Haider Khan, was also a Nobel man. In addition, Sahibzada Muhammad Ishaq Zaffar, the former president of the PPP in AJK, was originally from the village of Bani Hafiz in Hattian Bala.

The mausoleum of Sikandar Shah Kazmi, a spiritual figure whose urs is celebrated annually in Hattian Bala, is located there. Sikandar Shah Kazmi is said to have founded Hattian Bala. A native of Hattian Bala, Diwan Ali Khan Chughtai currently serves as the Minister of Education and Schools for the AJK. Ali Khan Chughtai, his paternal grandfather, was also a politician and served as a minister.