How Can All Pakistani Users Earn Money from Facebook Now?


How Can All Pakistani Users Earn Money from Facebook Now?

If you want to earn money from Facebook, now this opportunity is available for all users.

During the last few weeks, Facebook has introduced several features in this regard for Pakistani users.

These features were available to people in different countries of the world for a long time, but now they can be used in Pakistan as well.

In November 2022, the Professional Mode feature was introduced for Pakistani users, while access to a program called Stars was given in December.

What is Professional Mode?

In simple words, it is a page for individual users that works exactly like converting an Instagram account to a professional one.

According to Facebook, the professional mode will help creators expand their reach in a separate profile that will have different tools and features available to them.

How to adopt a Professional mode?

For this purpose, the user has to go to his Facebook profile and go to the three-dot menu next to Edit Profile.

On clicking on this menu there will be an option at the bottom of Turn on Professional Mode click on turn on and that’s it.

How will the income be generated?

After changing the profile to professional mode, users will get access to analytics tools and monetization features like the Facebook Reels Play bonus program, where they can earn money from their short videos.

With Professional Mode, users will also be able to access Reels, Live and Video on Demand, a direct monetization program from their followers.

What is Facebook Stars?

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced the introduction of this program in Pakistan on the occasion of his visit to META office in Singapore.

The feature was first introduced in various countries in 2021 and was rolled out to Pakistani users a year later.

With this feature, any user (by fulfilling a few conditions) can earn money from their photos, videos, live streams or written posts.

People who view these posts or content will be able to buy stars and send you comments.

You will get one US cent for each star.

According to Facebook, the Stars program can help offline businesses and services move online, strengthening relationships with followers and fans.

What are the terms of Facebook Stars?

For Facebook stars, users have to create a page of their own that must have 1000 followers for at least 60 days.

Must adhere to Facebook Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policies, while also accepting the STARZ Program Terms and Conditions.

A user can tell his fans a star goal so that people can buy and send stars on his content.

These users have to provide bank account or PayPal details so that the money can be deposited there.

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