Jahangir Tareen announced ‘Isthakam Pakistan Party’ to Address Pakistan’s Challenges


In a press conference held in Lahore, senior politician Jahangir Tareen officially announced the formation of a new political party called the ‘Isthakam Pakistan Party.’ The event was attended by party members and supporters, including Aleem Khan, who expressed their commitment to working under Tareen’s leadership.

Tareen emphasized that his entry into politics was driven by a desire to contribute to the country’s development rather than being a conventional politician. He highlighted his past efforts in building the Tehreek-e-Insaf party and expressed disappointment that the promised reforms for Pakistan’s progress had not been effectively implemented, leading to growing discontent.

Addressing the recent incidents of political violence, Tareen condemned the attacks on the houses of political opponents and stressed the need to hold the planners of such acts accountable. He emphasized that no society could condone such actions and called for a united effort to restore stability and address the challenges facing the nation.

Tareen reiterated that the people’s hopes had dwindled and stressed the importance of a new direction in Pakistani politics. He emphasized the need for both the government and the opposition to understand and fulfill their constitutional responsibilities to strengthen the democratic system. Tareen expressed confidence that more individuals would join the ‘Isthakam Pakistan Party’ in the future and promised to unveil a comprehensive reform agenda while striving for excellent results in upcoming elections.

Prior to the press conference, a core group meeting chaired by Jahangir Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan, the party’s Patron-in-Chief, was held to discuss the press conference’s points and manifesto.

According to sources, prominent figures such as Imran Ismail, Ali Zaidi, Fawad Chaudhry, Amir Kayani, Mehmood Maulvi, Jay Prakash, Moradras, and Firdous Ashiq Awan are expected to be part of the new party. Additionally, former MPs Zaheeruddin Alizai, Javed Ansari, Tariq Abdullah, Fayyaz Chauhan, Nouman Langriyal, Noreez Shakoor, Rafafat Ali Geelani, and Mumtaz Mehravi, along with GG Jamal from Fata and Ajmal Wazir from KP, are reportedly joining the party. Maher Irshad Kathia, Usman Ashraf, Jalil Sharqpuri, Khurram Rokhri, and Dewan Azmat have also announced their intention to join the Jahangir Tareen group.

The formation of the ‘Isthakam Pakistan Party’ marks a significant development in Pakistan’s political landscape, with Tareen and his supporters aiming to tackle the country’s challenges and provide a new vision for progress and stability.

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