Jahangir Tareen’s New Party to be Named ‘Isthakam Pakistan,’ Announcement Expected Friday


In a significant development on the political front, Jahangir Tareen, a prominent figure in Pakistani politics, is set to unveil his new political party, which has been named ‘Isthakam Pakistan.’ The official announcement regarding the formation of the party is anticipated to be made by Tareen himself during a press conference scheduled for this Friday.

Aoon Chaudhry, the adviser to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on sports and tourism, confirmed the finalization of the party’s name. Chaudhry expressed that the newly formed party aims to promote and work towards the prosperity and stability of Pakistan under the leadership of Jahangir Tareen.

The revelation of the party’s name, ‘Isthakam Pakistan,’ signifies a strong sense of commitment and dedication towards the betterment of the nation. The word “Isthakam” represents the core principles that the party is expected to uphold, which include integrity, solidarity, progress, and inclusiveness.

Jahangir Tareen’s press conference holds great significance as it will mark the official launch of his new political party. During the event, Tareen is expected to outline the party’s vision, goals, and key policies that will guide its future endeavors. Additionally, he is likely to shed light on the party’s organizational structure and its strategy for building a strong support base across the country.

Tareen, a seasoned politician and influential figure, has been an active participant in Pakistani politics for many years. His decision to form a new party comes after his disassociation from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) due to internal disputes and differences. The formation of ‘Isthakam Pakistan’ is seen as a significant development that may potentially reshape the political landscape in the country.

As political observers eagerly await Jahangir Tareen’s press conference, the public and analysts alike will be keen to understand the new party’s policies, its stance on various national issues, and how it plans to position itself within the existing political framework.

The launch of ‘Isthakam Pakistan’ is anticipated to generate considerable attention and interest among the Pakistani populace, who are eager to witness how this new political entity will contribute to the ongoing democratic process and influence the forthcoming elections.

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