List of Districts in Azad Kashmir

Pakistan administers the territory known as Azad Kashmir. It is organized into ten first-order administrative divisions known as “districts,” and within each district are tehsils that are further subdivided.

The northern districts of Azad Kashmir cover the foothills of the Himalayas due to their location in the region’s geographic center. The climate of the southern districts of Azad Kashmir, which include the Bhimber, Kotli, and Mirpur districts, ranges from severely hot in the summer to only mildly chilly in the winter. These extremes can be seen throughout the year.

Muzaffarabad is one of the wettest regions in Azad Kashmir, which receives precipitation throughout the year. Rainfall can be found in Azad Kashmir throughout the winter and summer seasons. The culture of the northern districts is comparable to that of the people who live in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is characterized by the use of Balti in addition to other languages.

The languages Hindko and Gojri are spoken in the center regions such as Poonch, etc. At the same time, the culture of the people in the southern areas is comparable to that of the Potoharis.

List of districts in Azad Kashmir

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