Meta’s New Twitter-Like App ‘Threads’ Revealed: A Sneak Peek into the Project 92


Meta-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has been secretly developing a new social media platform reminiscent of Twitter, and a recent tweet has given users a glimpse of what’s to come. The app, codenamed Project 92, has been the focus of intense development efforts for several months.

According to a report, the design and user interface of this upcoming app have been revealed. Building upon the foundations of Instagram, the app will be integrated with a decentralized social media protocol called ActivityPub. During a Meta meeting, Chris Kos, the company’s chief product officer, provided more details about the app.

Kos described the new app as Meta’s answer to Twitter, aiming to meet the demand from creators and public figures interested in a similar platform. To streamline the user experience, the app will leverage Instagram’s existing account system for collecting user details. While prioritizing user protection, Meta’s objective is to create a user-friendly and reliable app.

The development of this app commenced in January, and Meta plans to introduce it to the public as soon as possible. While an official name has not been confirmed, the report suggested that the app might be called Threads.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development as Meta expands its social media offerings to include a Twitter-like experience, bringing more diversity to the social media landscape.

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