NASA Historic Mission to the Moon Enters Its Final Stages


NASA Historic Mission to the Moon Enters Its Final Stages

NASA historic Artemis 1 mission has entered its final stages and has begun its journey back to Earth.

On the 15th day of the Artemis 1 mission, the Orion spacecraft began its return journey.

The Orion spacecraft traveled a record distance along the Moon’s orbit and beyond.

Before returning, it circled the moon one last time and passed 80 miles above the surface.

After that, he left the orbit of the moon and started his journey back to earth.

After separating from the SLS rocket, the Orion spacecraft traveled 268,563 miles from Earth.

No spacecraft designed for humans had ever been able to go that far.

There were no humans in this space craft, but a few pods were kept and its main purpose was to test the space craft for the return of humans.

According to NASA, the Orion spacecraft performed better than expected.

According to NASA experts, its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere will be the most difficult phase.

He said that the biggest test of the spacecraft after the launch will be the re-entry to the earth, which will give us an idea of ​​the performance of the heat shield.

If all goes well, the spacecraft will land on December 11.

The success of the Artemis 1 mission will pave the way for future human missions to the Moon.

After Artemis 1, the Artemis 2 mission will send humans into space and is expected in 2024, although this mission will not land on the Moon.

Artemis 3 will be the mission that will send astronauts to the Moon in 2025 and will land on the South Pole there.

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