Nokia Plans to Deploy 4G Network on Moon by 2023 with NASA’s Artemis Mission


Nokia Plans to Deploy 4G Network on Moon by 2023 with NASA’s Artemis Mission!

The Company that is Ready to Install 4G Network on the Moon

So far, 4G internet connectivity is not available in every part of the world, but soon it will be possible everywhere on the moon. According to a report, during NASA’s Artemis III mission, in which humans will step on the lunar surface for the first time in five decades, they will be able to share selfies on social media sites through 4G network.

Reportedly, Finnish telecommunication company Nokia will send a satellite providing 4G connectivity to the moon during 2023. The company announced this during the Mobile World Congress in February 2023.

Intuitive Machines, an American space company, will send the Novus Cislunar Lander to the moon next year via a SpaceX rocket, which will also carry Nokia’s 4G base station. A rover that runs on solar power will also be part of this mission.

When this base station reaches the Shackleton crater on the moon, the rover and the lander will establish a 4G LTE connection. The company expects that this network will assist future human research missions on the moon.

Members of the Artemis mission will be able to communicate with each other through this network, and also transmit real-time video streaming and data back to Earth.

Currently, the date for sending this 4G satellite to the moon has not been decided, but experts believe it will happen in 2023…”

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