Over 3,000 Suspects Arrested in Punjab as Police Crack Down on Vandalism and Arson


In recent days, the province of Punjab in Pakistan has witnessed an alarming rise in incidents of vandalism and looting of government and private property by miscreants. However, the Punjab police have taken swift action to address the situation, resulting in the arrest of more than 3,000 suspects.

According to a spokesman for the Punjab police, the operation to capture the miscreants involved in vandalism and looting is ongoing, with a focus on the Jalaghirao area. As of now, 3,185 suspects have been taken into custody.

The actions of the miscreants have resulted in significant damage to public property and infrastructure. Across Punjab, 152 police officers and officials have been seriously injured in the incidents. Additionally, 94 vehicles used by the Punjab police have been vandalized and set on fire. The miscreants targeted 27 vehicles of Lahore Police, 21 of Faisalabad Police, 19 of Rawalpindi Police, 9 of Mianwali Police, 5 of Sialkot Police, and 3 of Gujranwala Police. Furthermore, the miscreants damaged four vehicles of Multan Police. In addition to vehicles, the miscreants also severely damaged 22 government buildings, including police stations and offices.

Despite the scale of the destruction caused by the miscreants, the IG Punjab has reassured the public that the culprits will not escape the law. The police will continue to take action to capture those involved in the vandalism and looting of government and private property.

The incidents of vandalism and looting in Punjab have caused significant concern for the safety of public property and infrastructure. However, the swift and effective response of the Punjab police in arresting thousands of suspects is a positive step towards restoring peace and order in the province.

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