Pakistan Inaugurates Bank of China on 10th Anniversary of CPEC


Islamabad: Pakistan marked the 10th anniversary of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with a significant milestone as Finance Minister Ishaq Dar officially launched the Bank of China in Islamabad on Monday. The establishment of the Bank of China represents a major stride in bolstering the economic relationship between China and Pakistan.

During the inauguration ceremony, Minister Dar expressed gratitude to China for their steadfast support during challenging times, which played a crucial role in helping Pakistan navigate through economic difficulties successfully.

The Finance Minister also shared positive news regarding Pakistan’s economy, stating that international credit rating agencies have raised the country’s credit rating, indicating progress and increased financial stability. He believes that Pakistan is now on a trajectory of growth, attributing it to the government’s strong efforts.

Looking to the future, Minister Dar expressed hope that the Chinese currency, the Yuan, will gain wider acceptance globally as an alternative currency.

As CPEC commemorates its 10th anniversary, it remains a vital project that further strengthens ties between China and Pakistan, fostering economic cooperation and regional connectivity.

With the Bank of China now operational in Islamabad, both nations are well-positioned to leverage this strategic partnership, paving the way for new opportunities and prosperity for their people.

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