Pakistan People’s Party Proposes Dissolving All Assemblies on August 8 for Electoral Reforms


The Pakistan People’s Party has put forth a proposal to dissolve all assemblies on August 8, according to Federal Trade Minister Naveed Qamar, who informally shared this information with the media. The party has urged the federal government to make a decision on dissolving the assemblies, emphasizing the need for electoral reforms before holding elections.

Minister Qamar stressed that he does not support any further expansion within the current political setup. He believes that the supervisory framework should adhere strictly to the constitutional period and not exceed it under any circumstances. He reaffirmed his commitment to the party’s principled stance against expanding legislation in the present assembly.

Furthermore, the Commerce Minister highlighted the importance of reaching a consensus among political parties on electoral reforms. He emphasized that issues like the RTS (Results Transmission System) hold significant relevance in the process of electoral reforms.

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