Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif Announces Handover to Caretaker Government in August 2023


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, during his recent national address, revealed plans to transfer governmental responsibilities to a caretaker administration in August 2023.

In his speech, the Prime Minister highlighted the successful clearance of the wreckage left behind by four years of destruction within a span of 15 months. He emphasized the stabilization of the economy, improvements in foreign relations, and various other sectors that were previously engulfed in turmoil.

According to a report by Geo News, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed his primary concern for the increase in State Bank reserves rather than his own vote bank. He asserted that the risk of default and any nefarious plots against the nation have been effectively nullified.

The Prime Minister stated that the time has come for the country to become self-reliant, as a comprehensive program for economic recovery has been devised and implemented. Despite facing numerous conspiracies from enemies of the state, the government has remained resilient and determined.

The Prime Minister emphasized the necessity of breaking the chains of debt and poverty, urging the entire nation to unite and reject a life burdened by debt. He stressed the need to eliminate animosity, promote love, and foster national unity to prevent any recurrence of a devastating event like May 9. The Prime Minister declared that a life dependent on debt is no longer acceptable.

During a speech at the Youth Loan Program in Multan, the Prime Minister remarked that the IMF program is not a joyous affair but rather a stringent commitment. He acknowledged the strict conditions imposed by the IMF and stated that Pakistan has accepted them in order to ensure economic stability.

It is worth noting that the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Executive Board recently approved a $3 billion loan program for Pakistan. The country has already received the first installment of $1.02 billion under this program. Pakistan is set to receive a total of $3 billion over a period of nine months.

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