Qeemat AJK Portal Launched for Price Control Complaints Resolution


The office of Price Control Committee Chairman in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) has launched a new portal called Qeemat AJK to facilitate the resolution of complaints related to price control. The portal is operational across the entire AJ&K region and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The Qeemat AJK portal is designed to assist the district administration in dealing with complaints generated through the Qeemat AJK app and to penalize the offenders. It also aims to keep the citizens of AJ&K updated on the government-notified prices of commodities across all concerned tehsils.

Download the Price Control Mobile App form following the link.


The Qeemat AJK app is an important step towards ensuring transparency in price control mechanisms in AJ&K. It is expected to provide a hassle-free experience for citizens to register complaints related to overcharging or hoarding of essential commodities. The launch of Qeemat AJK is being hailed as a major step towards controlling the prices of essential commodities in the region and providing relief to the people of AJ&K.

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