The most popular website of 2022 that snatched the number one position from Tik Tok


If it is asked which website people visit the most in the world, the answer will undoubtedly be Google. Because people turn to Google to search for anything on the Internet. But surprisingly, the honor of the most popular website in the world in 2021 went to Tik Tok instead of Google, while Google and Facebook remained at the second and third positions respectively.

TikTok held the title of most popular website for the first time in February 2021 for just one day, but held the position for a longer period in March. But in the true sense, it became the most popular website in August 2021. But in 2022, Tik Tok’s supremacy against Google and Facebook did not last. Google has once again taken the number one position in Cloudflare’s list of the most popular websites of 2022. After Google, Facebook is at the second position while Apple and TikTok are jointly at the third position. YouTube was at the 5th position followed by Microsoft at the 6th position.

Amazon Web Services at 7th, Instagram at 8th, Amazon at 9th and iCloud, Netflix, Twitter and Yahoo at 10th. As far as the most popular social media sites of 2022 are concerned, Facebook is at the number one position followed by Tik Tok. Instagram was the third most popular social media site, followed by Twitter at the fourth place and Snapchat at the 5th place, but surprisingly, WhatsApp is not in the top 10 list of both general websites and social media websites.

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