WhatsApp Introduces Message Editing Feature, Eliminating the Need to Delete Messages


WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, has recently unveiled a highly anticipated feature that grants users the ability to edit their sent messages. This feature, announced on the night of May 21, has been made available to all users as of May 22.

In a blog post, WhatsApp expressed its intention to provide users with greater control over their conversations, allowing them to rectify spelling mistakes or add additional content to a message. This new functionality eliminates the need for users to delete erroneous messages or send separate corrections.

While the edit message feature has long been present in other messaging applications like Telegram and Signal, Apple’s iMessage also introduced it in 2022. Additionally, Twitter offered an edit button to its subscribers who paid a monthly fee last year.

WhatsApp users will now have a 15-minute window to edit their messages after sending them. Although this timeframe may seem relatively short compared to Telegram’s 48-hour editing window, it is a significant improvement for WhatsApp users.

To utilize this feature on iOS and Android devices, the process is straightforward. On an iOS device, users can select the sent message and find the edit option in the popup menu. Similarly, Android users need to select the message, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner, and access the edit option.

It’s important to note that only text messages can be edited, while messages containing photos, audio, or videos remain uneditable.

If users don’t immediately see the edit option after updating the app, they are advised to wait a few days, as WhatsApp plans to roll out the feature to all users gradually.

With the introduction of the message editing feature, WhatsApp continues to enhance its user experience and provide more flexibility in managing conversations.

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